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Here you can find real world chemical manufacturing and chemical engineering solutions. We perform professional chemical engineering services and project management. And we supply consulting and expert services for the chemical processing and chemical manufacturing industries, and their investors.

Professional Chemical Engineering Services

We provide a range of professional chemical engineering services that focus on a client's need to deliver a product to market, from product inception through process design, pilot operations, and then scale-up through start up. We have described these services and our role in much more detail in the chemical engineering section of this site. We encourage you to follow the chemical engineering discussion and the navigation links (above) to explore this information at your leisure.

Planning to bring your product on line? Need more detail or more explanation? Not sure where to start? Email us with your situation. We would be glad to talk with you.

Case studies

As just one example of our professional chemical engineering services, we have supplied an interesting, short, industrial case study that addresses environmental control, optimization, and troubleshooting of an existing operation.

Major Project Management

We have considerable experience in successful major project management. Because we are not a design-build business, we can approach a project without any conflict of interest. We have described our approach to project management including the teams suggested, controls, and reports. As with the chemical engineering section, we encourage you to follow the project management discussion and the navigation links (above) to explore this information at your leisure.

Considering a major project? Planning to manage it yourself? Here’s a way to evaluate and manage projects that we have used and have found it to be very cost and schedule effective.

Privacy and confidentiality

The chemical, drug, and process industries generally treasure their product manufacturing methods, trade secrets, and other proprietary knowledge. We recognize this position. We need only enough information to perform our service. Although as a policy we cooperate with authorities, we'll do our utmost to ensure that your business remains your business.


We understand a client needs to feel confident of our experience level. You can request a resume of qualification and experience for quick review, or request a detailed CV if you are considering expert witness or forensic services.

Business Values

The only way we grow is when our clients succeed. We believe it. We have taken an ongoing commitment to the success of our customers.

Cooperation and association

We are interested in speaking with any client or firm where there may be a mutually beneficial arrangement. You are encouraged to start a dialog.


Ever wonder what the choices might be? Ever wonder what the corporate world was really like? Or how to actually make a resume and get ready for an interview? You can read our FAQ for Students page, then if needed, contact us with your questions. We don’t do homework, but we are active mentors in several professional associations. In addition we have posted some information on the corporate world and some of the "inner workings" we have seen. We have even provided some inside tips for job seekers.

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