Project Management Overview

Effective Project Management

Effective project management is a sought after service, even though project management is a topic as old as projects. Even given the worldwide availability of powerful desktop computing and user-friendly planning tools, effective project management remains elusive. It is our opinion that effective project management is something well beyond operating the commercial tools. Effective project management consists of:

  1. Leadership and motivation
  2. Experience
  3. Vision
  4. Communication and team work
  5. Hard work
  6. Effective and selective use of the planning and reporting tools

We think we manage industrial projects as effectively as any in the industry and more effectively than most. We have taken the time to compile our views on effective project management and to present those views in a logical manner. We invite you to read the following remarks and explore the links for additional information.

We hope you find the information helpful.

Discussion Model

We believe that the principles presented apply to a very wide range of businesses and organizations. When we illustrate with examples, we are using a heavy manufacturing operation considering a major expansion or product line addition as the mental model. We believe this to be one of the more complex scenarios and we are using it as a comprehensive model.

We hope your project is more straight-forward. We trust that you, the reader, will follow along and draw parallels between this model and your situation.


We have tried to structure this document for quick reading and provided links to detailed discussions. Hopefully this allows the reader to quickly view our assertions and conclusions and also explore the details if time and interest permit.

Because of the document structure and because of the interplay of project aspects some information has been repeated. We regret the repetition.