Project Management Articles


We do manage and we have managed projects using our best skills and experience, project management tools, plus published and peer reviewed texts and articles on the matter. We are not researchers in the art and practice of project management nor do we pretend to be. The information expressed in the articles linked below are our extractions and interpretations based on experience managing projects in heavy chemical manufacturing, and are opinions only.

These articles are for general information and education of anyone seeking to understand our approach to project management. They are illustrative of methods/tactics we have used and seen used by project managers whom we respect and who have a sound history of project success. The articles are not a complete representation of all that can be encountered when managing projects.

Project management success is not written in the articles here or written any place else. Project management success is highly dependent on the managers ability to deal with the unexpected problem. Our advise is to read all you can and talk to as many project professionals you need to to settle on a professional you trust.

Laying the Basics for E&C Projects

Site Development

The Project Team and Project Manager

Organizing for Project Management

Engineering Management

How to Purchase

Project Control

Project Accounting

Project Expediting

Reliability Control

Task Force Safety

Project Construction

Start to Finish

Technical Services Evaluation

Simplified Plant Expansion Sequence