We don't have a lot of remarks about troubleshooting. Every manufacturing operation has trouble from time to time. Problem solving is a generally expected engineering trait.

One of the more effective methods we have seen owners employ is to create a multidisciplinary troubleshooting team to address problems as they arise. One advantage to using a team is loss of personal ownership. If the engineer that designed a system is called to troubleshoot a system there is an advantage of familiarity. That is also a disadvantage if the engineer has the very human need of defending his work. Using a team for troubleshooting usually assures that solution has been examined from many viewpoints and the design ownership problem is countered.

Another tactic that works well is using an outside professional to assess the problem. This is commonly done if the team approach has not been totally effective and usually works well because the outside professional has a viewpoint unencumbered by all the hard work that has been done before.

We do trouble shooting and have included a case study on this site which shows an example of simple effective solution not apparent to those involved in the daily operation.