We started into chemical engineering in 1967. This was a time when chemicals were the answer to life's problems and before the effect on the environment of chemical mismanagement was accepted or appreciated. It was a time to learn as much as could be learned about chemical processing, the integrated coupling of the chemical engineering unit operations.

Then the world started to change. We followed the progressive path and expanded our view to include waste and effluent minimization, capture of material that could be recycled , capture of by-products for use in synergistic industries, and wastewater treatment. Although along the way we thought a few of the antagonists to be a bit extreme, we embraced the new knowledge and new methods as a growth opportunity.

In 1992 we decided to make ourselves available for public service.

Today, we are still interested in growth and challenge, and now in offering our services we have centered on the success of our customers. In the subsequent pages we offer statements on our business values, privacy and security, major project management, and the professional practice of chemical engineering